The Tao of Birthing is beautiful and profound, offering the world a brave attempt at opening up the many mysteries that surround the birth process. It invites pregnant mothers into the spiritual, as well as the practical world of birthing, with elements that belong to the realm of the soul.
-Naolí Vinaver, Midwife, Activist, Author of ‘A Baby is Born …Naturally’

Wow …what an experience and magical birth! Caitlin’s spirit, compassion, commitment, expertise and love are real and abundant! She truly has a gift, and we are so thankful she made it possible to have a drug-free, easy and enjoyable Hypno-birth in the hospital. She is a blessing to our family.
-Megan W.

I could not have had this natural birthing experience without Caitlin. Her knowledge and instinct regarding my needs during labor were unbelievable. I felt so trusting of her, and yet never as if she was “taking over.” With her guidance and encouragement, I had exactly the type of birth I hoped for. Thank you, Caitlin, from the depths of my heart.
-Jessica H.

We will never be able to convey the impact you’ve made on our lives. You have given us a wonderful memory through your care and dedication as our doula. Thank God we found you! We’ll always consider you a part of our family.
-Terri I.

Dear Caitlin: We truly appreciate your work. Your clients are always extremely well prepared, and a joy to work with.
-UCLA Nurse Midwives

Thank you again and again for the encouragement, support, wisdom and caring you brought to our first birth. It was truly a dream come true!
-Lauren S.

We knew early on that the natural birth we had hoped for was not possible, and that a cesarean birth was best for our daughter. Caitlin helped us to “alchemize” a cold, bright OR, into the sacred and profound birth room we’d dreamed of. My healing was rapid and I was in amazing spirits afterward. I believe that the Hypnosis and the prep work I did with her directly impacted my quick recovery.
-Megan C.

As a husband and prenatal dad, I was impressed with how Caitlin nurtured us both through Megan’s pregnancy and birth. She gave us tools to stay connected to each other during the most important time of our lives. How do you say, “Thank you” for something like this?
-Drake C.

The Tao of Birthing is unique, and embodies a new wave of understanding representing, what I think, must become the paradigm of future generations. This is a brilliant work that facilitates a more independent, courageous and fulfilling mode of birth.
-The Late David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author,
Co-Founder & Board Member of The Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health

Nothing can possibly express how grateful we are for Caitlin’s help in birthing our second baby. We believe that had it not been for her loving care, awesome expertise and quick thinking, the doctor would not have made it on time when our daughter was born. Caitlin will always be a permanent part of our family.
-Laurie F.

My husband and I were so blessed to have had Caitlin as our Doula and Teacher. My discomfort with back labor would have been unbearable without her. She guided me into hypnosis and supported me with her kind words and skilled hands. We had a beautiful, natural birth, and I can honestly say that without her, this would not have occurred. She’s above and beyond everything you could ask for in a Teacher and Doula!
-Delcie A.

Caitlin helped me and my husband manifest the birth of our dreams. The hypnotherapy we did together before our daughter’s birth literally vanquished all of my fears. We were totally prepared, and we welcomed our daughter peacefully and joyfully.
-Theresa G.

Thank you for all the care and energy you provided us. We could not have had such a peaceful and secure birth experience if you had not been there offering your loving support.
-Diana K.

The Tao of Birthing is a wonderful book for prospective parents. Its information is excellent, with a holistic approach of great use as it emphasizes the more alternative approaches to childbirth.
-The Late Marsden Wagner, MD, MS,
Author of ‘Born in the USA – How a Broken Maternity System Must be Fixed to Put Women and Children First’

Labor and birth = 2.5 hours with twin boys. At home! Thank you so much for your brilliant work. THANK YOU for how you have helped so many women – and me – to have an empowered birth. It was perfect!
– Nicole T.