Re: Hospital, Home or Birth-Center
In-Person, Phone or Skype

Free yourself of concepts, and see things as they are rather than what should be. In this way, you master the unforeseen, and you see The Way of birth.

-The Tao


Knowledge builds confidence! A Tao of Birthing® Consultation will build your confidence as you navigate the world of pregnancy and birth. By the time one session ends, you’ll feel empowered, informed, calm and relieved.

A consultation is beneficial when…

  • your OB doesn’t have the time to answer all your questions
  • you don’t have time for birth classes
  • you want comprehensive understanding of all things Birth
  • you’d like assistance creating an effective Birth Plan, a.k.a. “Birth Objectives”
  • your OB suggests an induction at 39-weeks, and you’re scared
  • a Cesarean birth is imminent
  • you’re feeling anxious about it all

A consultation provides…

  • sixty minutes, (or more) of undivided support
  • privacy, with or without your partner
  • unbiased and evidence-based information
  • birth options – pros and cons
  • resources
  • connections to Midwives and OB’s
  • connections to breast-feeding experts
  • open discussion
  • may include Hypnotherapy to abate fears, doubts and limiting beliefs

“We were paralyzed by the enormity of advice on the internet, and so thankful that you were able to understand our unique desires. Thank you, Caitlin, for sharing your wealth of information!”
~ Mia & Beth

Schedule a Consultation at any point, and as many times as you need throughout your pregnancy.

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